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In addition to individual plants, 8tech has a long experience of the production, design and installation, through service centres qualified for mechanical ventilation systems with single and double flow, with or without heat recovery of the collective type. For this type of plant, ventilation units are centralized and generally installed in the upper part of the buildings.

Through pillars of air extraction/inlet that serve environments of individual housing is guaranteed a constant exchange of air. In the case of simple, collective flow, system, the extraction pillars that serve the bathrooms and kitchens of the various apartments all converge in the central unit.

Centrali per impianti a doppio flusso

Unit model
Max superface  
ECO500H 370 sqm
ECO500V 370 sqm
ECO1400H 1030 sqm
ECO1400V 1030 sqm
ECO1600H 1180 sqm
ECO1600V 1180 sqm
ECO2200H 1620 sqm

Centrali per impianti a semplice flusso

Unit model
FAN-F 50 - 2700 mc/h
FAN-R 600 - 3600 mc/h
FAN-PC 45 - 4700 mc/h

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