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What is the 8tech vacuum system ?

8tech's system is an innovative system for extracting dust and qualify the air we breathe in all the inhabited environments.
8tech's system consists of some vacuum sockets and pipes inserted in the walls, through which the user sucks up dust funnelling it to a central unit located in a separate room, away from the place being cleaned, so as to ensure total elimination of mites and fine dust improving the environmental air quality.

How does the dust suction system work ?

In a simple, practical and original way: the suction pipe is inserted into the appropriate vacuum sockets embedded in the walls in convenient, well distributed positions, near doors and in positions where furniture is unlikely to be positioned. The collected dust ends up in a central unit located in a separate room and or special compartment, then the filtered air is expelled outside. With this system you eliminate the traditional vacuum cleaner and so avoid lugging around heavy and noisy appliances. The full range of accessories makes the whole system suitable for all uses and all types of surface.

Is the central vacuum system only suitable for residential use ?

The 8tech vacuum system is so simple and convenient it finds applications in all types of construction and can be used by one or more operators simultaneously. It is therefore perfect for cleaning not only houses and apartments, but also structures with large surface areas such as hotels, hospitals, offices, shopping centres and more.

In what kind of space can I install the 8tech system?

The central component of the dust extraction system will be placed in a room that is separate from the rooms where you live normally, for example, terrace, garage, basement, etc. This allows you to use the system at any time, in total silence.

Is the central vacuum system suitable for allergy sufferers ?

The substantial difference between a traditional system and an 8tech system, consists in the total guarantee to eliminate the recirculation of dust, in fact, while the common household appliance puts them back into the environment, 8tech's system takes them away completely, transporting them with the pipes under the plaster, to the central unit where the filtered air is expelled outdoors.

Can 8tech’s central vacuum system be installed in an existing home ?

Normally no: this type of system is installed in the construction or renovation phase because it is composed of a 50 mm diameter pipe concealed in the walls or under the floors along with the plumbing and electrical systems.

Is 8tech's system noisy ?

No, it's not noisy, by installing the central unit in a separate room from the rest of the home or at least in a soundproofed compartment, the noise caused by the motor is practically zero so you can clean in complete silence.

Does 8tech's dust extraction system require a special bag ?

No, 8tech's systems are designed with a simple and practical collection method that does not depend on special bags that involve maintenance costs.

Are sockets needed for each room ?

Depending on the shape of the house and the articulation of architectural spaces. It is generally preferable to place sockets near the doors, so a suction socket can serve an environment of a maximum of about 30-35 square meters. The positioning is also determined by the length of the supplied cleaning hose which is seven meters, with possibility of adding a further extension of three meters.

What can you vacuum?

With the centralized system you can vacuum the dust particles up to a maximum size of 30 mm, small debris and all dry material which is normally present in homes. Obviously, liquids can only be aspirated if you use the appropriate pre-separator cleaners.

Can the piping become clogged ?

Proper installation of the pipe makes possible clogging extremely difficult. All connections are made in such a way as to create a perfectly smooth internal surface so as to prevent any blockages of material. Furthermore, the suction pipe have a diameter of 32 mm, the socket connection is 90 °and 40 mm diameter, while the whole piping is 50 mm diameter, with all open curves, making sure that everything that goes into the holes of the brushes reach directly into the central collection container.

What kind of accessories are there available  to the centralized system ?

A wide range of accessories supports the system, suitable for all needs and for all surfaces (enter the item accessories), in addition there are various systems of vacuum sockets such as the baseboard for recessed installation in the skirting of the kitchens and suitable to replace the classic collection shovel, sucking everything that is swept near it (dust, bread crumbs, etc.).

Who installs the centralized vacuum system ?

8tech's franchise network is widely spread throughout the country to provide professional assistance and, if required, a guaranteed installation service. The types of craftsmen most suited to the installation of this type of system are definitely electricians or plumbers.

Who do I contact for technical problems ?

The capillary network of service centres in franchise 8tech guarantees an efficient after-sales service.

Can I install the system myself ?

We do not recommend it, unless you have the technical skills. Installation performed by qualified personnel, as well as guaranteeing the products, also ensures its perfect functioning over time.

Who do I contact for instructions to use the system ?

Each 8tech machine requires a prior activation with the insertion of a startup Pin. The activation is carried out by our service centre after an appointment. The surgery is totally free and includes a mini training course for use of the system with an explanation of the various items that are found in use and maintenance manual supplied with the system.

How do I find an agent or affiliate 8tech centre closest to me ?

Contacting the company or by requesting a contact in the contact section of the site or by sending an e-mail to

How do I clean the filter of the central vacuum ?

Each centre is equipped with an electronic board that controls a set of information for the user. The card interfaces with the inlet valves that indicate, at the opening of the flip, any requests for intervention that are necessary or recommended.
Among these, the LED lights on the inlet valve, indicate when it is recommended to clean the filter. The intervention consists of releasing the cartridge and washing it, to totally eliminate any dust particles present. After leaving it to dry thoroughly, reposition it in the appropriate filter compartment and reset the operation performed on the machine's board.


Can I open windows with controlled mechanical ventilation system ?

The windows can be opened without any contraindication, but has to bear in mind that the system allows constant ventilation, comfortable and efficient. Ensures optimum air quality in any environment, both day and night and in all weather conditions and in every season and totally automatic. The system of controlled mechanical ventilation combined with hot and cold air-conditioning systems, allows a considerable energy saving contributing to environmental protection.

Can controlled mechanical ventilation  remove mildew stains in the environment ?

The increasingly total sealing of our homes often makes with the passage of time, stains of mold due to condensation and moisture. controlled mechanical ventilation  can eliminate this problem. The system of controlled mechanical ventilation, replaces the opening of windows ensuring an efficient constant air exchange without annoying drafts and with a very high energy savings

Does “Controlled Mechanical Ventilation”  works to save energy ?

Systems with heat recovery significantly reduced. The advantage on energy saving exceeds 30% - 40%. namely recovers a lot more energy than it consumes getting a strong economic advantage as well as the quality of the air.

Can you transmit noise between rooms and / or apartments through the pipes ?

Its interior soundproof allows no transmission of noise between environments.

What are the benefits of ventilation in the summer?

In summer, the perceived temperature is always higher than the real one due to the degree of humidity in the air. The ventilation system reduces this value and the constant movement creates a pleasant indoor air comfort. During the night, even with the windows closed, the ventilation system takes fresh outside air, filtered and feeds it into environment spreading it evenly without creating annoying drafts.

Can air be filtered?

All dual airflow system, both incoming and outgoing both, are equipped with filters. The type of filtering can vary according to the needs and guarantee a quality of the incoming air, even for the housing positioned in areas with heavy traffic and / or rich of pollutants. the possibility of changing the air without opening windows, greatly reduces sound pollution inside the homes, eliminating the annoying noise coming from abroad.

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