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Thanks to its enormous suction capacity, 8tech's Centralized Vacuum System ensures the physical movement of dust from the largest to the smallest particles that are transported by the powerful vacuum directly into the container through the network of pipes under the floor. All that is aspirated, flows away from the living environments ensuring perfect health and cleanliness of the environment where you live. With 8tech the vacuum cleaner is present but can not be seen because the jets are the same size as an electrical socket.


The air is separated from air pollutants and is carried outside by means of a piping network avoiding recirculation into the "domestic environment".


The central unit is located away from the premises and may therefore be used any time without disturbing any activities.

Safety and light

Safety and easy of use is ensured by having to handle a single tube and not a heavy appliance and the whole system guarantees the user not to be in contact with electrical cables.


A greater flow and pressure enable greater suction and greater efficiency without compromising the silence.


The system is fitted with an engine high performance and low power consumption. A "turnkey system" does not cost more than a modern portable suction. With a lower initial cost, it resolves "lifetime" the problem of domestic cleaning and automatically it frees you from the bondage of spare parts. At the same time the system gives a value added to housing.

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